Parallels 1

Why Do Parallels?

Low Cost

Veteran Inspection Professionals consistently offers the lowest parallel pricing fees in the greater Phoenix valley. Please contact us for further details.


Arizona Certified Home Inspector

Good Experience

Get on-the-job experience by completing home inspections while being supervised by a certified home inspector.

The Experience You Need

Supervised Home Inspections

Veteran Inspection Professionals is pleased to offer parallels to aspiring inspectors. We follow the Arizona Board of Technical Registration standards. Upon acceptance, the applicant will receive a fee-based, supervised “parallel inspection”. “Parallel Inspection” means a home inspection completed by an applicant during the application process that is supervised by a certified home inspector acting as the Parallel Inspector, in the presence of no more than three other applicants. The applicant shall produce a written report for each parallel inspection, which the supervising certified home inspector, serving as the Parallel Inspector, shall review, analyze, correct, and return to the applicant within 10 calendar days after receiving the written report. The Parallel Inspector shall notate and instruct the applicant so that each report meets the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors. The applicant shall not perform any fee-paid Home Inspections during this parallel inspection period.

Veteran Inspection Professionals affirms that we will provide an Arizona Certified Home Inspector, in good standing with the Board, that has not received any disciplinary action from the Board within the last three years, that has been continuously certified by the Board as a Home Inspector for at least three years, and that has conducted at least 250 fee-paid home inspections in the State of Arizona.