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Brian Coumont

Home inspector, and co-owner, Brian Coumont was first exposed to construction as a child while building the first of many tree houses in the wooded backyard. While pursuing a career in database management, he realized that the ever-changing environment of the construction industry was more desirable than sitting in an office. He turned his part-time job with a remodeling company into full-time. Throughout his tenure in the commercial/residential remodeling industry, he became well versed in all aspects of construction including, but not limited to; HVAC, plumbing, framing, foundations, electrical, and roofing.
The construction industry does not remain stagnant but please be assured you will receive an inspection by an inspector that is constantly studying and investigating new construction techniques, materials, and technologies. Brian prides himself on providing ‘common sense’ home inspections – you will have a complete understanding of all findings and will fully comprehend the magnitude of any deficiencies. Anything short of your complete comfort/confidence/understanding means that the job is not done.
Brian’s ultimate goal is to “educate, not alarm”. He gains personal satisfaction from providing homebuyers with all pertinent information so you may make informed decisions about, what may be, your biggest purchase in life.

Mark Mandery

Home inspector, and co-owner, Mark Mandery has been an inspector since 2004 and has performed thousands of inspections in the Greater Phoenix area. Prior to becoming an inspector, Mark followed his family tradition of military service and served as a PR (Aircrew Survival Equiptmentman) in the US Navy at NAS Whidbey Island in Washington. Mark is a proud veteran and advocate for our veteran clients.
After the Navy, Mark was a corrections officer while simultaneously working in construction. He then became a certified home inspector in Nebraska, prior to moving to Arizona. Upon his arrival in Arizona he worked for a local inspection firm. Through several acquisition moves, this small firm evolved into the largest inspection company in the US. Mark worked his way up to district manager and was supervising inspectors in multiple states. Utilizing his background in construction and maintenance, he integrates his vast knowledge-base with every inspection. As a seasoned inspector, Mark strives to incorporate his life experiences into each inspection. The resulting product is a comprehensive report which is not just a checklist of defects, but rather a thorough understanding of the home and its components. Education about the complex systems of the home is just as important as knowing its deficiencies.
Mark is a caring and compassionate inspector who works hard to make certain his clients fully understand the findings and he dilegently strives to ensure that the homebuyer can rely on him to provide the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Mark’s Motto is “Once your inspector, ALWAYS your inspector”. Whether it’s a day, a month, or even a year after the inspection, be assured he will be available to answer any questions about the home. He eagerly looks forward to being of assistance.

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Josh Davis

Josh Davis has a passion for knowing homes, inside and out. From the moment you’re greeted with a smile to the time the inspection is complete, you will receive nothing less than utmost professionalism and courtesy. He strives to ensure that clients are well informed and feel confident in making such a large, yet exciting, purchase (such as a home). Effectively communicating inspection findings and explaining deficiencies are his top priorities, along with answering questions and being a readily-available resource when future questions may arise.
Josh brings a keen eye to each and every house he inspects. Along with his vast knowledge of construction and building practices, he also stays current with new and emerging trends and technologies within the home construction industry. He truly looks forward to inspecting your future home.

Dave Lepacik

Home Inspector Dave Lepacik is one of those rare ‘born-to-be-a-home-inspector’ people. For as far back as he can remember he has been performing home inspections without even realizing it. He found himself constantly scrutinizing every corner of every structure he encountered. Not only was he finding deficiencies (and relaying the information to those around him) but he was also studying the construction components and architectural engineering. Dave decided it was time to actually put his ‘talent’ to good use and what better way than sharing his insights with home buyers during the purchase process.
Dave has experience in managing commercial construction projects and, additionally, he was a licensed realtor in the Phoenix southeast valley for six years. It is this background which provides Dave with a unique perspective in regard to home inspections and the presentation of findings.
When not providing comprehensive home inspections, Dave can be found researching the most current construction information and modern technologies.
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Barry O’Brien

Barry O’Brien leverages his 16+ years experience in the construction industry when performing inspections. He fully appreciates that buying a home is likely the largest investment his clients will make and enjoys educating them about aspects which are specific to the home they are about to buy. Barry is dedicated to making sure home buyers are provided with all available information so they can make informed decisions. Not only does he relish the opportunity to share his knowledge, he is also continually striving to expand that knowledge base by constantly keeping appraised of new developements within the construction industry.
The inspection is only the starting point for his relationship with clients. He views becoming a long-term resource as equally important, if not more so.


When most kids were watching morning cartoons, Kyle was mesmerized by episodes of “This Old House” or “Hometime”. Kyle is an Arizona native and has been involved in all facets of construction, residential renovation, and commercial job site management over the last 20 years. His extensive job experience has taught him to pay strict attention to detail. He truly enjoys communicating with his clients and prides himself on providing easy-to-understand explanations. He will happily spend all the time necessary to ensure each and every little thing is completely understood.

In his spare time you can find Kyle flying a hot air balloon or volunteer firefighting (both structural and wild land). He holds an FAA commercial and flight instructor rating, as well as a commercial drone license. Military personnel and 1st-responders hold a special place in his heart and he will stop at nothing to make sure they are treated as the true heroes they are.

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Adam Johnson

Adam, a native Phoenician hailing from Paradise Valley, has witnessed the booming growth of the Valley of the Sun which allows him to readily identify the unique characteristics present in each region. Adam understands a home purchase is a major life event. His primary goal is to expertly and thoroughly inspect properties and provide a professional report that assists with making an educated and informed home-buying decision. Staying up-to-date on the most current building technologies drives his keen attention to every detail of your potential new home. In the little spare time he has, Adam volunteers with the Hospital Emergency Response Team and the Community Emergency Response Team.

Elessa Freelingos

Elessa utilizes her extensive experience in the construction industry as well as her expertise as a Realtor to provide an inspection of the highest quality. She appreciates that buying a home is a major life milestone and will strive to ensure the process is as comfortable, informative, and uncomplicated as possible. Having demolished homes down to the framing and rebuilding them compliments her knowledge and understanding of the home buying process. She will leave no doubt as to the immense value an exceptional inspection can provide to the homebuyer and realtor. Providing a positive experience and a complete understanding is of utmost importance to her and she views it as a necessity for the homebuyer’s decision process. Being a long-term resource for the homebuyer is her ultimate goal.

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